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Hello! My name is Kusha, and I am a consultant in digital marketing and social media platforms, front-end, UI, UX, WordPress and Joomla CMS developer. I started working 12 years ago with advertisement journal printing in my own firm, called Koosha Faraz Mehr. I worked for 7 years in three different cities of Iran. I love my job very much, and enjoy spending hours behind my computer. My computer opens up a thousand new worlds for me and that’s why digital environment excites me to my core. I love to learn new things and read the news on the most recent technological developments. My favorite hobby is watching sports, especially Volleyball. In a2z, I handle the development and design of our website, so we can provide information as usefully and accurately as possible. I believe in the touristic potential of my country, and cannot wait to see its industry grow. https://kushafaraz.ir/